Elite: Dangerous [Gamma 2]

Work has been somewhat mental of late and I’ve been in London, away from my gaming rig for quite a few weeks now. Sadly the last beta I had access too had quite severe performance issues with my setup rendering it pretty much unplayable which means I’ve had a rather long enforced hiatus.

This weekend I was able to grab a couple of hours with Gamma 2 and have a quick fly about. I’m pleased to say the performance issues are now fixed, although there is still some juddering in super cruise. I’m willing to concede, however, that this could be down to me setting the game to Ultra when it decided that High was a suitable setting for my rig. If it gets to be an issue I’ll have a fiddle with the settings.

There is a certain irony that, now the wipe has happened, the freebies I get from being a founder puts me in a better position than I was when I last played. Armed with a reasonably well tricked out Cobra MkIII and 40,000 credits I was able to go play with mining for the first time. I’m possibly doing something wrong, but it seems slow and boring for not much credit. I suspect I’ll be trading.

The missions have, rather unsurprisingly, calmed down a bit, so gone are the days when I could rake in several thousand a trip just flitting between stations carrying messages and small amounts of cargo for people. Missions are still worth doing, but in addition to trading.

Sadly it seems the new layout for Station Services is here to stay. I preferred the original, although things like ship fitting have been greatly improved. I’m also not a fan of the new launcher – seems far to much like something SOE would do.

I’ve also noticed there have been some minor changes to the key mappings so I’ve tweaked my joystick layout and put up a new version.

I’m at home for a couple of weeks over Christmas so should get a few hours of solid playing in. After that it’s another hiatus until March when I’m finally back home and can get back into it properly.

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