I’m Back :)

After a long break thanks to being away with work I’m now back in the cockpit and starting to build up my fleet.

For a while I had a fully spec’d Sidewinder as it was helping me get my combat skills up a little. I was flying this alongside my Asp which has been reconfigured slightly for exploration. The reduced cargo space (down to 88 tons at the moment) and the fact they’d nerfed the engine noise meant I was getting a bit frustrated with the Asp. I still need many millions of upgrades before I’m willing to take it too far away from civilised space for any length of time so it was really just being an inefficient hauler.

The net result is I’ve sold the Sidewinder and bought a Type 6. This has been rigged purely for trading, so 112 Ton cargo bay, no weapons, no shield. In a few days it’ll have all the upgrades I want on it and I can start looking towards getting the Sidewinder back (it’s cheap), and buying something I can use as a fighter.

I still have the Asp. Thankfully the 1.2 patch has fixed the engine sound, so that may get more outings. My main goals at the moment are to get my name stamped on a system (I will just toddle off into the middle of nowhere with the Asp and explore), and to work my way up through the Type 7 to a Type 9. That should start bringing in enough credits in trading to do all kinds of reckless things in some of the other ships.