Joystick Map, v1.2.1

I’ve released version 1.2.0 of my Joystick Maps. This release adds some of the new key bindings found in Elite: Dangerous v1.2, mainly to do with Wingmen.

Since the previous version of the map was from Gamma and didn’t include some of my local tweaks I’ve also made a few updates, plus changed a few things based on feedback from others.

You can now fire both primary and secondary weapons at once. With the smaller ships I’d not done much with weapons groups and it really was a case of all weapons on primary and ancillary things as secondary. With my Asp I’ve found I have a ridiculous number of fire groups to cater for the fact I can’t fire both primary and secondary weapons at once.

Head look is now always on. It was off by default before as the mouse was also bound to head look. My gaming mouse is stupidly sensitive and often gets bumped by the headphone cable when playing which would cause my view to suddenly change. Since I never use the mouse for head look I’ve disabled the mouse for head look and enabled head look by default. This means there is now no binding to disable head look.

Since the side button on the joystick has been given over to firing guns and chaff, reset head look has now moved to the button by the POV hat (use shift to access). These are the only changes on the stick.

The Throttle has gained a number of new bindings. The middle button on the front is now galaxy map (it used to be the comms panel). Shift and this button is bound to escape.

The comms panel has been moved to the top hat on the throttle, in line with all the other panel selectors. Since I clear the panel selection more than I use the comms menu it’s shift and up for comms. This may reverse places with UI Focus in the future as I use shift and button 4 to dismiss menus quite a lot now.

The top hat has also gained a bunch of other functions that I couldn’t find homes for elsewhere, so it allows you to toggle the dev camera (shift + left), select the next point on your route (shift + down) and target your wingman target (shift + right).

The Throttle’s POV hat has also been given 4 new shift functions allowing you to select your wingmen and to nav lock with them.

Given almost every button now has a shift function I may need to completely rethink the layout if too many more mappings are added. The original intention was that all key functions could be accessed with the shift button down which is no longer completely true.